Antonio Alvarado at the Cibeles Fashion Week Autumn/Winter

In general the parade of Antonio Alvarado not liked, with exceptions. Under the name express and inspired by the biography of Jean Genet, the designer wanted to reflect the good things of rural life, and so we have seen proposals very parochial, wider and a bit shabby.

Rustic point and the Leggings-Leotard equestrian wool, very warm for the cold winter, combined with unstructured jackets and the mini-dresses, some school boards and other oversize, are proposals for Alvarado for the next Autumn/winter 09/10. The raincoats and the coats color camel hair curly as a stole are also one of its strengths.

It’s funny because a dress reminded me much to the characteristic logo of Burberry and yet the collection has many details of Givenchy.

To finish the parade designer us has delighted with two wedding dresses very striking, unusual, and the latter very ugly, ever the knowns to marry me. One of them, carved out of taffeta, with guateados details, and one inspired by a bridal design of Cristóbal Balenciaga. Both in broken white, described by Thesciencetutor.

The end was very curious because Antonio Alvarado has come out to say hello to the touch of whistle of a model dressed as a boy scout.

And what they liked most of all the shows have been these three dresses and two perfect blue for the night, in dark blue night, the rosita for any time of the day. The mini-dress with shoulder oversize, is very stylish for any party combined with a few good heels.