Apple IOS 7: Lockscreen Update And Imessage Problems

Apple iOS 7 is still one of the themes of the last days (features and functions at a glance): the new operating system from Cupertino polarized immensely due to the new color scheme and the flat design that pleases everyone. Meanwhile, there’s already a small update to iOS 7.0.2 to close security gaps in the LockScreen and iOS 7.0.3 is in the starting blocks, to resolve the issues with the Messenger iMessage.

Apple iOS 7.0.2 – LockScreen vulnerability fixed

The update to Apple iOS 7.0.2 available for all Apple iPhone from the iPhone 4 since the 26.09.13. With this update, no longer functions can be made directly from the LockScreen off (calls to make, look at photos…). This was still possible on iOS 7.0.0, in particular without entering the security code provided by the user. The update OTA (“over the air”) and can be downloaded directly from Apple iPhone installed. Your battery should be charged min. 50% or hang on the charger. You can find the Apple update under “Settings”, “General”, “Software update”. This applies mutatis mutandis to the Apple iPad. Connect to a wireless network is recommended.

Apple iOS 7.0.3 – fixes soon iMessage

Users of Apple iOS 7 will have noticed iMessage (this replaces the text and uses the data plan of your smartphones) when using the Apple-Messenger. It errors occur when sending some users, which normally occur with poor network coverage: first messages as to appear, but then an error message appears, the message could not be delivered. Apple has now acknowledged the problem in this respect, I expect a new update that fixes this error for the next week. This small update is then Apple iOS 7.0.3 – above installation steps for iOS 7.0.2 update shall apply mutatis mutandis to this upcoming update.