Apple Presents Ipad Air and Mini Ipad with Retina Display

Apple has mini unveiled the iPad air, as well as the iPad at the keynote in San Francisco, California. As expected will Apple iPad the fifth generation on a much flatter design while at the 7.9-inch iPad mini a high-resolution retina display is the second generation used.

The Apple iPad air is the 64-bit A7 chip powered by, which is already installed on the current iPhone 5 s, as well as the iPad mini 2 G. The flat design also reflected in the bulk of the tablets. So, the iPad air is only 7.5 mm thick. Despite the increased performance is the battery life according to Apple 10 hours, which is a best value in the Tablet segment. The camera on the back of the iPad air can record images up to 5 mega pixels and videos in 1080 p are supported as well. Twice as fast speed is achieved when the built-in Wi-Fi module, where Apple compared the iPad indicates 4.

Apple Presents Ipad Air and Mini Ipad with Retina Display

For the first time in the history of the iPad is also a variant with 128 GB Flash memory available. Apple offers also the iPad air with no LTE module as in the previous generations. Prices start at 480 euro for the 16 GB model. The high end version with 128 GB hits stores with 750 euros.

iPad mini 2 from $ 399 – iPad mini first generation $ 100 cheaper

The new iPad mini 2nd generation features a retina display, which measures 7.9-inch diagonal and represents 2.048 x 1.536 pixels. Thus, the pixel density is significantly higher than when the iPad air. In addition to the same facilities at the processor that should offer iPad mini retina as ten hours of battery life. The new Wi-Fi module also carries Apple iPad mini on 2 in the data sheet, so that also here clearly maximized speeds to determine will be.

The iPad air will be available from 01 November. Apple mini iPad retina has announced yet no detailed date for the launch. Against end of November, the smaller Tablet probably in Apple stores and resellers should become available.

In addition to the new iPads, Apple on the keynote also announced that Mac OS X 10.9 free is available for download. Furthermore, that was updated 13-inch and 15-inch model of the MacBook Pro retina. The announcement of the prize for the new Mac Pro took place as well. The tube-shaped computer will cost at least $ 2.999.