Apple Watch, First Impressions on Video

A few weeks after going on sale in the US, Apple Watch has landed in Spain and Mexico, among other territories. It touches to analyze in detail how it is and what can offer in the day to day the first smartwatch of Apple, that arrives to compete with the options that we have known for months mainly under the operating system Android Wear.

In Xataka we are already testing the first advanced clock of Apple in its classic version and we had a first contact.

Very Good In Finish, But It Is Strange To Wear A New Watch

Apple does not often neglect the details in its new products and being the Apple Watch in a good percentage a personal object, it was not for less. The finish of the watch, in our case with a strap, is splendid, but if you have not worn smartwatch for years or chronograph watches, the first response to placing it may be that it weighs too much.

From this first contact we highlight the simplicity to place and remove straps, how comfortable it is to wear it and for now how well the automatic turn-off and turn on the screen when turning the wrist, as well as very subtle vibration notifications But really effective according to COMPUTERMINUS.COM.

At first glance, the screen of the model of 42 mm seems to us well of dimensions, nothing exaggerated, but yes that it is appreciable a important thickness of the watch. The screen looks really good, responds accurately to the touch and the combination of crown and touches on the screen is successful, although we believe that the first will be used little once you get used to the operation of the interface.This seems intuitive but as in the case of Android Wear smartwatches, you have to spend a learning time to manage by it in a fluid way.

It Will Just Run Autonomously According To The Use You Make

In the first few hours with the Apple Watch we have already seen the enormous difference in speed of execution and refreshment of the native applications of Apple that run in the clock with respect to those that do it in the smartphone. At times it is a little desperate and some that take quite a few seconds to update. The Apple ones did seem to be well implemented and especially in the exercise part (the absence of GPS still seems to us a major error in the clock) promise quite a lot.

Among the applications there are some dubious utility or no specific function in the clock, but in other cases, such as Telegram, the work at interface and operation level has been magnificent. In these third-party applications there is a significant confusion about what we can do with each of them at the interaction level, and while in some we can answer messages, delete notifications or even manage an email from the clock, in others just us to cast A quick look at that notification and accept if any more.

Of autonomy, as always everything will depend on the level of load you want to leave in the smartwatch, but after a first day with the clock, the working day in our case will reach very fair. Now you have to continue testing Apple Watch in detail and you will have the full Xataka analysis in the near future.