Apple Watch “Self-Made” Edition: Smartwatch Gild For $399

Are at least 11,000 euros for a Apple Watch Edition too expensive for you? Now, who does not? The US company WatchPlate makes it anyway, much cheaper and plated the Smartwatch subsequently forthe bargain price of $399.

The Apple Watch in the “self-made” Edition can be quite, as shown in the video of their colleagues by 9to5Mac, which have allowed themselves a copy with gold plating. The choice was even a fairly exclusive variant, because that same offer Apple officially not for the Apple Watch Edition on the occasion with gold-plated link bracelet – Karl Lagerfeld has it but still. Gold plating for the bracelet is included, separately at WatchPlate in the price of the precious metal plating for the bracelet costs $75.

Gold-plated Apple Watch for a total under $1000

The gold plating requires an Apple Watch made of stainless steel as a basis, the cheaper Apple Watch sport aluminum housing not gold plated WatchPlate. In the United States, customers already for a total of 948 dollars get a Apple Watch with gold plating for men featured by Insidewatch: 549 dollarsfor the cheapest stainless steel watch from Apple’s offering and $399 for the gilding. Unfortunately, Apple’s Smartwatch prices in Germany are higher than in the United States so that you pay in this country for the same Apple Watch 649 euro – with the gold plating together were you then just over 1000 euro.

There to gild little at the sports armband for the cheapest models, the service especially for Smartwatches with the Milanese – or link bracelet worth. The former exist in the German Apple store from 749euro, the latter is at least 1099 euros. WatchPlate customers but must waive the exclusive box of the Apple Watch Editionmit of built-incharger.