Apple’s Future Devices Can Be Controlled Via Hand Gestures

Apple’s patent on “subsidiary and multi- touch sensor detection and demodulation” has just been published and allowed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday. This all sounds very technical, but let’s put it this way: Cupertino-giant is planning to develop devices which we must manage with our gestures. It sounds amazing anyway!

The arts with Apple

To the patent at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s official website where you have described and explained Apple’s latest technology, giving users the ability to communicate and work with the computer with the so-called hover-effects. How this technology works is explained in the following way: “to use fingers or other objects close to the, but without touching on a touch sensitive surface outside an touch sensors area.”

If it is successful for Apple, then it means that we will have the opportunity to close the applications, turn off the unit and change the screen brightness with our gestures. Apple explains that it will be almost in the same way as with our computer mouse.


How to plan the company actually to implement the idea into practice? They should use one or multiple proximity sensors which have one or more infrared photodiodes and built-in LED lights that change its power in relation to how much light the interceptor. It can also be said this way: the LED produces light, light is reflected from our fingers and hands, photo diodes picks up it and recognizes it as a gesture.

Apple did not say anything about which device you want to use the technology, but the image refers to a computer or laptop with a touchpad. What do you think — how long do we have to wait for it?