Argentina Will Start to Produce Terminals BlackBerry in October

Great news for the gaucho country. RIM and the Argentine Government closed an agreement in which Canadians they will invest $ 23 million so that they begin to manufacture their equipment from Tierra del Fuego from the month of October, this no doubt any is good news for those who consume technology on this side of the world.

The terminals that RIM would manufacture or would join would be models 8520 & 9300, needless to say that the region in theory benefit would be by this movement of Canadians or at least gaucho country. This movement of insurance will be to supply domestic demand since the growth of Research In Motion in this country and throughout the subcontinent is amazing.

The costs of these teams should be reduced at least in Argentina and the first teams would come a month after starting production, i.e. in November this year. Insurance they will be the most popular smart phones in this country and will help in part to shorten the digital gap that is so common in Latin American countries.

I just have a question. These units will be manufactured and assembled in this country? That one thing is manufacture and assemble again, but at least it’s good to see that large manufacturers are committed to start producing its products directly where they are consumers, to be able to lower costs and prices are not so crazy.