Armani Privé Couture Spring/Summer High: of Reptiles and Neons

In her latest collection of Haute Couture filed yesterday in Paris, Giorgio Armani is immersed in the reptile world, whose pattern of scales flooded dresses, skirts and jackets with Pearlescent and shiny finishes.

The least part “ wild ” collection costumes, compose it with tailored jackets and pagoda shoulders, accompanied by tight cigarette pants.


The pencil skirts are key parts. Both with reptile print and color lime green are characterized by that singular way, as if it were a chrysalis.


The part more neon parade It follows the pattern of pencil skirts, which Armani adds a touch of drama with layers and coats that simulate vines and vegetation.

Evening dresses dominated the strapless neckline in dresses that mixed with bodies snakeskin prints of Black sequin.

Do you not remember latter led to Angelina Jolie to the Golden Globes?


And finally reach the end where, as in the rest of the collection, the lime green and reptiles are the protagonists.

Jessica Chastain learned that it was one of the nominees for an Oscar during the parade, so, who knows, just dares to put the amphibious touch to the red carpet