Ashley Graham Plus Size Model

Ashley Graham for #CurvesinBikinis

For 50 years only thin model body were in the swimsuit issue of sports illustrated. That will change now. With Ashley Graham, the first plus-size model shows its curves in bikini magazine. Why, that’s just a small beginning.

For over 50 years, the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for each model is a milestone in the career that can change everything. Überfliegerinnen such as Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Tyra Banks, Elle MacPherson and Kate Upton owe this Bikini cover her big
breakthrough. Beyond by dress size 36 the booklet offered an ideal of beauty that is very one-sided and contiguous from all readers in the last five decades, however. Changes – finally – in the 51st year of swimwear covers. Even if it is just a very careful step in the right direction.

Ashley Graham, made famous by an advertisement, was too hot for US-TV, and the first plus size model, which has succeeded in a string bikini in sports illustrated is a BH editorial on A model that provides not only in front of the camera for snap breathing, but also as a tough business woman brings the fashion industry into the sweat.

Ashley Graham designed an own lingerie line lingerie label addition Elle, also it continues as one of the founders of Alda, an Association of IMG models, one for more diversity in the model business.

In the issue of sports illustrated, you can see Ashley Graham as swimming bombshell at the sight of men first need to cool off in the water. A sassy, glamorous photo that belongs in our opinion on the cover of the swimsuit issue. But this is not the title page, not even a photo spread, but only an ad in the magazine. The image is part of the SwimSuitsForAllcampaign that made a swimwear line from Blogger Gabi Deine Fatkini and now an Internet movement want to turn into the Hashtag #CurvesinBikinis.

Even if it is only an advertisement in this case, the photo of a Plus-size beauty in the context of concentrated on superficialities is a real winner. And once again makes it clear: it is time for a change, there is growing hope on it.