“At The Moment, Have No Project Set with Google U Other Vendors” Interview to Anthony Payne Marketing Director of Blackberry

BlackBerry moves. The face of Research in Motion has made quite a few new features lately, from new services in cloud for companies and individuals, to the announcement of the compatibility of the Blackberry Playbook with Android 2.3 applications.

To learn a little more about plans of Research in Motion to its cloud-based services to Anthony Payne. Director of Marketing for the Blackberry platform for product. This is what he has told us.

Xatakamovil: You apostáis almost exclusively by cloud services why?

Anthony Payne: The reason why we are interested in the contents and cloud services is that our own customers demand them. The brand cloud services implementation allows, firstly, greater flexibility and speed in the operation of the applications without having to modify elements of hardware, such as servers.

The second major reason is purely economic. Cloud services allow you to adjust the costs with much more flexibility to every client’s budget, as well as expand or reduce the service in the future as appropriate. In Blackberry we already have more than ten years of experience in the development of cloud architectures, and our integration with operators of telephony services is unique.

Xatakamovil: What do you find of the new Blackberry services presented in the last days?

Anthony Payne: The first services is Blackberry Protect, a service which allows small or private companies locate a terminal lost, lock it or in the event that their theft, suspected erase all its contents remotely. BlackBerry Protect not only preserves the sensitive data that may be in a terminal, also allows you to easily replicate in a new phone.

BlackBerry Protect not only preserves the sensitive data that may be in a terminal, also allows you to easily replicate in a new phone.

How you know, Blackberry offers two types of service in Spain, Blackberry Internet Service, which provides basic access to internet and services such as Push e-mail and Blackberry Enterprise Service, which extends the range of benefits for enterprise customers. BlackBerry Protect is available within the first.

The second service that we launched is Blackberry Management Center, which focuses on small businesses of about 30 or 40 devices although it is not limited in number. BlackBerry Management Center is designed to handle various options of remote configuration without the intervention of a technician. Everything is controlled from a web menu and technical knowledge is not required. Blackberry Enterprise Service has the highest level of performance. These services are available on all Blackberry terminals, as well as the new Blackberry Playbook.

Finally, we have announced Blackberry Enterprise Service integration with the Microsoft Office platform to improve capabilities between, for example, contacts and emails from Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry.

Xatakamovil: Blackberry is probably more services associated with mobile phone brand. considering your experience, have you thought about leap and begin offering an integrated package of office applications?

Anthony Payne: Our priority is to offer the best services to the users of terminals Blackberry. In this sense, working on cloud seems to us a key element of the architecture when it comes to work with different partners. On Blackberry, we collaborate with the leading software vendors in the world, of which Microsoft is a good example. In this order of things does not contemplate at the moment, such developments.

Xatakamovil: Apart from Microsoft, there are plenty of other companies that offer software such as Google or Evernote cloud services do you have in mind an alliance with any of these companies to offer integrated services?

Anthony Payne: Our Cloud architecture enables us to work with any software provider. The possibility is there but, at the moment, we have no joint project with Google or other providers.

At the moment, we have no joint project with Google or other providers.

Xatakamovil: In Spain, Blackberry handsets are having an unusual success among very young home users using services like Blackberry Messenger to stay in touch with your friends with a very affordable rate for them do have meant expanding the range of services for the public?

Anthony Payne: The last service that we have made available to the public is Blackberry Protect, and undoubtedly we will expand services to the domestic market in the future but, at the moment, I cannot give you specific projects.

Xatakamovil: Do you have raised to enter the market of operating systems on other platforms to mobile phones, as it is doing, for example, Chrome or Web Os?

Anthony Payne: Playbook and its platform of QNX software allows us to have a privileged position to expand the development of software to other platforms. At the moment, our intention is to enhance the development of QNX in tablets and mobility segment. It is too early to think about implementing the OS on other devices.

Xatakamovil: In the last CeBIT, several manufacturers have come together to form the Cloud Printing Alliance, a group from which promote printing services from the cloud what RIM plans in this respect?

Anthony Payne: Again, the capabilities of the Blackberry platform in cloud cover remote printing of documents. In this sense, Blackberry offers developers APIs needed to integrate any other printing service that occur to them. For us printing services are a necessary part of the Blackberry Enterprise Service platform.

BlackBerry developers provides APIs needed to integrate any other printing service that occur to them.

Xatakamovil: Have you thought you reach other types of agreements like the one announced with Microsoft on Office 365, for example, with Google and other cloud services providers?

Anthony Payne: Our plans are to continue betting on the cloud and the agreement with Microsoft on Office 365 is only the first step. We hope to expand our BlackBerry services cloud to other partners.