AVM Fritz FON MT-D (Update)

With its FritzBox, AVM is market leader in DSL-TKAnlagen for years, now the Berliner move their first proprietary phone Fritz FON MT-D. It is designed as a pure mobile unit and is designed to complement the in-house PBX FritzBox FON WLAN 7270 intus has a DECT/CAT-iq-basis. Meanwhile, it has blossomed thanks to some of the new components and software updates to a recommended DECT handset. Read the new test report from connect 07/2009 further down in the article.

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Because on the FritzBox flagship almost each DECT telephone can be thanks to GAP-standard book, comfort functions but often stay on the track, which does not support GAP. A handset that perfectly harmonizes with the plant, so makes sense.

AVM low sets the price point with 49 euros, customers of the Internet service provider 1 & 1 getting the device as “1 & 1 MultiPhone” for 29 euros. The base station is called here “1 & 1 HomeServer plus”, FON WLAN 7270 is but identical with the FritzBox. The following test is valid also for the 1 & 1 combination.

Too shallow for standard batteries

Delivered, the customer gets a small box which is next to the charging cradle the handset found. That is 1.5 centimeters as flat, that cheap to replace standard batteries have found no place; Instead, a nickel-metal-hydride battery pack with 600 mAh is used as a power plant.

The display dispenses with color, what goes in this price range but in order. The number keys are large and offer a rich pressure point, annoying, however, is the absence of a key illumination. By pressing on the red phone button turns on the MT-D and prompts customers to press the DECT based on the FritzBox. After a few seconds, the handset reports nothing more in the way is full and the first phone call.

Who now but want to type names and numbers of his circle of acquaintances in the handset after old habit, fails: the MT-D uses only the built-in phone book of the FritzBox, which although very easily be filled via the PC and edit – up to three telephone numbers can be assigned to a contact, you can also mark contacts as VIP numbers and provided with a special ringtone.

Firmware update against defects

But that you can not quickly typing a number on the handset or accept an entry from the caller list, is impractical in everyday life. Here AVM wants to remedy this but soon with a firmware update. In addition to the Siemens Gigaset SL785 AVM model is the single DECT in the German market, whose firmware is update-able.

And that’s a good thing, because rework must equal the developer in several places: as comfort functions are possible brokering and three-party conference, so far only about tax codes instead of via the menu what you want AVM to remedy in the near future.

Should also be the possibility of RSS feeds, so news ticker, and get email notifications on the handset. It sees the user when a new mail is received, and can read this also. This can be set up for multiple POP3 servers on the FritzBox, which present prior series version is fine worked in a connect .

Sound maue

After AVM also in sound quality must – CAT-iq pioneer Siemens has a head start. And the speakerphone is not to be recommended for the gegenwärtgen firmware version: the speaker is too loud, he sometimes suddenly stops for several seconds.

Reason: The sound scale of half-duplex speakerphone is still not optimized – this is still working, as the ultimate goal, the developers have set themselves the the free speaker full duplex capability.

What also (still) does not know the MD-T: reducing radiation by eco mode. Here, AVM planning implementations to power control, which is provided in the CAT-iq standard.

The features that come from the FritzBox base are already perfectly implemented: there are several top-sounding answering machine, send the messages even as a sound file to an email address. So you can make a call collector available to each Member of the family, or run all callers with a withheld number on a spam-AB.

Also you can specify whether the MT-D should lead the conversation about VoIP, or PSTN, which callers to get through and which numbers for outgoing calls are blocked.

Conclusion: Average with teething

Conclusion: The MT-D has some teething problems, but reflects the philosophy of AVM. While most manufacturers buy ready systems, installed AVM as naked chips and develops the firmware itself. This creates future-proof thanks to update capability – is just stupid that the first customers will often have to suffer.

From a hardware standpoint, the MT-D is a rather average cordless phone, with which the buyer can be satisfied after the announced firmware corrections given the price, especially since many features of the device in combination with the box.

Remains to be seen, when AVM brings a successor, who like to slightly more expensive may be but audio enthusiasts and satisfied feature freaks.

Test report update from connect 07/2009:

After connect so initially attested the DECT debut of AVM, the handset MT-D, a few teething problems, the manufacturer has improved now. The outside has become the handset for the integrated DECT base of the FritzBox FON WLAN 7270 or 7240 not changed – which also means that the keyboard is still not illuminated.

AVM seems the inner workings but within a hardware revision to have bought some new parts. The voice quality has given rise to criticism, in the first test still clearly the MT-D now sounds like a completely different device – in the most positive sense. Responsible for is probably a better speaker.

The speakerphone, which was barely usable in the first test, now sounds like a fine full-duplex. Here, AVM has helped after also with new software and dramatically improves the sound balance.

New features via firmware update

Speaking of software: the MT-D is one of the first handsets, taught the new features via firmware update can be, what also diligently uses AVM. So, you can’t teach the phonebook of the FritzBox of and accesses that the MT-D, new numbers via the handset. Also brokering and conferencing fold now on the phone comfortably via the menu.

Also via software update, AVM has accelerated access to the phonebook of the FritzBox and added a menu item to, which causes the device to set up only encrypted and thus significantly more secure connections.

But also very fresh features AVM has bought the MT-D: with the new firmware it becomes the mail or RSS feed reader. In the first case, enter the access data of your POP3 E mail accounts in the FritzBox and can now read your newly received mail on the MT-D.

Envelope icon on the display

New messages will inform you on request by a letter symbol in the display. The answer is not possible, and on the small display reading is a Scroll exercise more, but still: who don’t want to have turned on the computer, so always the same is informed about new mail.

The same applies to the RSS feeds: the latest news on the MT-D not replace the PC – as the most suitable candidate should be published in the autumn MT-F with a larger display. Who wants to learn but quickly without having to reboot the machine, is right here.

All in all has become a mature DECT telephone from the MT-D, which is quite reasonably priced and yet with many features can wait on, that will never get to know more expensive phones with 50 euro. For owners of the FritzBoxen, 7270 and 7240 the MT-D is almost a must.

Data sheet

Type of connection / caller ID
Display: Max digits of phone number
Number ringtones handset / base
Paging (handset search) / key lock
Lighting display / keyboard
Speakerphone on the handset / baby phone / headset connection
Bluetooth pairing with headset / PC / mobile
Firmware update possible / Outlook sync. with PC
CAT-iq (vb) system
DECT encryption / senior-friendly / outdoor-ready
Caller list: memories / visual signalling
Memory phonebook / phone numbers per contact
Phone book: Name, first name separately / characters per name
VIP ring tone / picture CLIP
Power supply & radiation
Battery type / standard batteries
Charging station separately from base station
Total system power consumption (mix) (watt)
Radiation reduction: Fully eco-fashion / eco mode
Transmitting power of based on manually can be throttled
dynamic power of the handset
If color display: the number of colours / resolution (pixels)
SMS / text input help
Email client / RSS feeds
Data retention when power failure / remote access
Keyboard / display base
Announcement / recording length messages
Operating time standby / …mit full eco mode (hh: mm) / (hh: mm)
Operating time conversation (hh: mm)
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating (dB / dB)
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms)
Idle channel noise receive / send (dBPa(A) / dBm0(P))
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT)
TMOS reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Frequency response reception direction / direction (PKT / PKT)
Receiving loudness rating / sending loudness rating) (dB / dB)
Overall delay receiving direction / direction (ms / ms)
Activation threshold in direction (dB)
3QUEST – background noise Office direction (PKT)


Standby time / talk 25 / 25
Basic functions 55
Comfort features 50
Phone number management 35
Power supply & radiation 20
Multimedia and messaging 10
Special functions 5
HANDLING maximum 175
Menu / keyboard 70 / 20
Display / handling 25 / 25
Workmanship / operating instructions 20 / 10
Dimensions & weight 5
Laboratory phone handset on the head received / send 40 / 30
Laboratory phone handset speakerphone received / send 15 / 15
CONNECT judgment Max 500 points
tested in issue: 07 / 09