Barack Obama Will Join Hangout on Google+

A few weeks ago the White House opened its official page on Google +, completing the triad of standard profiles on social networks. Since it started there, the official profile of the US government said it would Hangouts with politicians in the president’s office to discuss different views and the US current problems. Today the profile confirmed that one of these politicians will own US President Barack Obama.

The announcement was made ​​at the White House own profile, where they also said that Americans can talk to the president on June 30. For this they need to post a question in response video form on the official channel of the White House on YouTube, and those who have the most popular questions to the 28 will be chosen.

It’s no surprise to see official government agencies and companies to engage with their customers or citizens through social networks. But it’s a little surprising that the most powerful man in the world will take a few minutes from your busy schedule anything for a chat with a select group of Americans using a webcam and a Google service that anyone has access.