Basic Tips For Choosing Earrings

Silver earrings or better gold? Big or maybe something smaller? Many times we get the doubt of which will be better?

And it is that at first glance, they are not usually given so much importance to the slopes, even some people who do not even use, but what is clear is that a poorly chosen earrings can spoil your look. The error is in taking the earrings as a secondary snap. Their influence on the final look is more important than we think.

But for fear of not knowing how to choose the right slope we can not fall into the mistake of always using the same for everything, just read the tips we are going to give you and dare to put different things you would never have imagined, as some good earrings can be the perfect complement to attract all eyes.

The main function is to illuminate the face and give a touch of light and color to the styling you wear; It also helps us to highlight traits that make us more attractive and why not, disguise the ones that we do not like so much.

Tips for choosing the right slope

We will give you some tips to choose the most suitable one. When choosing, consider among other things the color of your hair, the shape of your face or the neckline you’re going to wear.

It is clear that personal taste influences but there are a number of basic tricks that you should not forget.


Keep in mind that the earrings are in your face, and depending on your hairstyle and hair type can be more or less protagonists.

For curly hair It is better to opt for slopes with very straight lines or smooth surfaces so that you do not have to rest your hair.

And if on the contrary your hair is smooth, it is best to choose earrings with more volume to create that effect on your hair.

Hair Color

If you are a redhead the best colors for your earrings are green and blue.

If your hair is blond it is better to opt for clear colors like turquoise.

For brown hair The best thing is to use bright colors to give light to your face.


Another thing to keep in mind when you go to choose a slope or other is if you are going to wear the hair soiled or picked up and the look you want to get, if more casual or elegant.

If you wear loose hair and abundant manes are very good earrings, bright shapes and colors so that they are not very covered. But if you have a small amount you opt for smaller and more discreet slopes.

On the other hand, for the collected, you have several possibilities: if the hairstyle is informal low is better a short or glued slope, with some sparkle to highlight, but nothing to hang; High bun with clear face is very well a long slope of two parts, one picked in the earlobe and another to hang but if what you wear is a semirecogido a long earring is great because it refines and style your face.

Slope length

The elongated earrings help accentuate the lines of the face and bring a lot of elegance to the look. But they don’t help lengthen a short neck. They are perfect for long necks and taller people.

However the small slopes are perfect for shorter necks and for more short girls.

Gold or silver

The golden earrings are perfect for girls with warm skin, that is, chestnut girls. Girls who have brown eyes and golden skin or women with clear eyes and clear skin.

But the earrings in silver favor the brunette girls with dark hair and eyes and blondes with clear skin and clear eyes.


Face shape

If your round face

It favors you: lengths that help to stylize your facial features and also earrings with geometric figures or with square, rectangular, triangular details.

You must discard: earrings type hoop or earring as they accentuate the roundness of your face.

If your face is square

Your outlines are very marked so we will seek to soften them.

They favor you: earrings with round shape. That are wider than long.

You must flee: long slopes with square or rectangular designs.

If your face is triangular

They favor you: XXL earrings, large and long hoops with circular shapes.

You must flee: of the triangular forms.

Oval faces

If your face is oval you are very lucky because you favor all kinds of earrings, you can carry any shape or size so your only concern will be what you wear, comfort, height.

Front and jaw

If you have the forehead wider than the jaw

They favor you: earrings in the form of teardrop, pyramid or that have fringes and motives.

Evita: Slopes that end in tip.

If you have the jaw wider than the forehead, opt for slopes that end in point.

It is also important not to recharge the look. You must take into account the size of the rest of accessories that you are going to take and which one you want to highlight.

After reading these guidelines and knowing that there is a type of earrings that are the ones that favor us the most may seem monotonous, but it is better to choose from among those who can favor us more, because this will be the way in which you really appreciate how well you feel and you can shine.

See you next week!