Bathroom Shower Hot Water

With the new hot showers, heating now fits into the glass of the shower stall wall.Practical and aesthetic, they guarantee a lot of space and comfort. The cautious will love!

Premiere global on the Paris fair: MDY hot showers arrive. In full appearance in France, the showers like news are presented exclusively at the Grand Prix of Innovation of the Paris exhibition, from April 28 to May 8, 2011.

The Marberies of the Yvelines (MDY) specialises in materials for bathrooms and kitchens.This year, it revolutionizes the universe of showers with the showers like news. The showers will be on sale from 1St June 2011.

The benefits

Thanks to Anylistintheus, more need of heater in your bathroom. Now, the shower heats the room and warms up out of bath. Ideal for small bathrooms, these showers allow two into one to save space. Indeed, install a heater on the wall of a small room can be binding. Aesthetically, this can also unbalance the decoration as a whole. The advantage of a radiant cabin is able to take a shower in a naturally warm environment with, within immediate reach, a towel hot, prepared against the outside wall of the shower.

How does it work?

This new hot shower wall consists of two plates of tempered glass, assembled by a membrane, which gives birth to a glass laminated safety. The inner part of the laminated glass safety is on a conductive powder, which produces glass warming thanks to a source of electrical energy. Secured by a patented system of double insulation, it guarantees a total absence of electricity on the glass. Finally, the showers require no special installation, except for the intervention of an electrician who will be responsible for the electrical connection.