Benefits of Baby Bucket Bath

Bathing the baby is one of the most important activities in the first months, both by the need to sanitize the child, and by the relaxation that provides.

Benefits of Baby Bucket Bath

One of the techniques that is becoming increasingly sought after is the baby bucket bath.

This option is an excellent solution because, in addition to being a very safe way to wash it, it still gives a feeling very similar to that of the mother’s womb, which helps you calm down.

Know your benefits, how to do it and where to buy it.

Bucket Bath for Baby

The benefits of bathing the baby with the help of a bucket are several. These include:

– helps decrease colic;
– activates the baby’s blood flow;
– stimulates the development of brain function;
– promotes the elimination of toxins from the baby’s body;
– reduces baby’s restlessness by soothing it.

As you can see, the benefits are many and important. Then check how to give baby a bucket bath.

Step by step baby bucket bath

Step 1 – Fill the bucket to the indicated height with hot water, with the temperature of 37ºC. Always check the temperature before putting the baby into the bucket.

Step 2 – Next you should sit the baby inside the bucket, with arms and legs bent and shrunken. Water should be at shoulder level. If the baby is still newborn and can not sit still, he or she will need someone else’s help.

Step 3 – Hold the neck with your hand and then shower the baby.

It is important to place the baby inside the bucket clean of any needs such as pee or poop.

Where to buy the baby shower bucket

The bucket, also called Tummy Tub or shantala tub, can be purchased at baby stores, in supermarkets, and online.

When choosing, you should prefer the transparent models so that you can always see the baby. The price is variable, but the values ​​are very similar to those of a normal baby bath.