Bershka Non Complicated Is The Head for The Spring 2012: Denim and Navy, Come to Me!

What the Denim style and navy they are formulas more popular when designing a lookbook for spring, it is something that we all know freshly started in this fashion. It is not difficult associate the word navy sea and hence with summer, While Denim is a style that gives game in any season of the year but Bermuda Denim feel better as we approach the warmer climates.

Why Bershka, for this season spring-summer 2012, He did not want to risk too much with the designs and has opted fully for these two, slightly varying motives and introducing his imprint in the best possible way. Win in security, loses in creativity, but everything is within its scale of values.

The sea is in fashion

Since then the navy can be well relieved, but desperately need a striped … or not? We can choose to looks like this in which thanks to the trench oversized in Navy Blue and Bermuda in beige, we can guess some navy style without being so obvious.

That Yes, at the moment in which the stripes make Act of presence either with a more colorful but accompanied format of the trencas of cloth with frog closures & #8230 closures;

… or Denim to blend both trends, there is no way deceive anyone about what they are taking over. Fresh style, quite wearable and with many possibilities to give play to our wardrobe garments such as Accessories, shoes and jerseys.

Denim never go out of fashion & #8230;

It’s true, the everlasting Denim there is no way that expires. Every year you try to renew itself in the best possible way but do not always get it. Bershka has opted to enter it with the madras, to give a more youthful and colorful appearance & #8230;

… although in the end and after the simplest thing to do is to resort to the shirts Denim with pockets of plastran and closing either button, or tack.

The options that remain with this type of shirts are quite limited. If I were a firm fully dedicated to Denim universe as it can be Gas or Dsquared2, the washes, colour gradients, or the broken could help us but in this case & #8230;

… believe that only the changes of color in the dye It can serve us to not bored with the monotony.