Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

If you are ready to walk down the aisle in six months, is the loss of weight before the wedding is probably one of your top priorities. After all, marriage is one of the most special days in your life and want to share the best of all his loved ones. As the next bride, most likely you will document your big day in every detail, so that you can relate to in the future: for what you want to show in the best possible way on the day of his marriage, and one of the first things to do is be sure to be healthy and skinny for the fateful Yes.

Here are some tips to help you get fit in your wedding dress.

1. Aerobic exercises

The aerobic exercise is one of the best physical activities that you can practice before the big day.This activity is especially recommended if you are the typical girl that has never been physically active in the past. Aerobic exercise not only helps to improve the circulation of oxygen in the body, but also help you to lose weight and in preparation for more strenuous exercises. If this is the first time you decide to become physically active, then you better start making activities of moderate intensity and for a few minutes a day. To build stamina and strength, you can begin to further increase the intensity of your workout. For example, you can start doing push-ups until you reach and touch his feet, one of the simplest aerobic exercises that can be performed. After about two weeks, you can replace the drive with a run. Another type of aerobic activity to try to lose weight a few miles before your wedding day are: swimming, aerobics, cycling, step.

2. Resistance exercise

If you want to look their best on their wedding day weight loss it is not enough: you will probably want to make sure that the body also looks good tonic. You can achieve this also makes endurance activities, in addition to your fitness regimen. Many women avoid doing exercises weight lifting for fear that you can develop muscles bulky as in men, but the fact is that resistance exercise burn more fat and calories. Because fat cells are replaced with muscles, it takes your body a picture even more toned and fit and, in addition to helping you lose weight and become slimmer, strength training also offers other advantages, for example, helps to release her physical tension and improves sleep, two results that can be very useful during the months of stressful planning a wedding!

3. Exercises elasticity

Exercises to improve their elasticity are themselves an important part of the plan for weight loss before the wedding date. Do exercises elasticity makes it better toughness of joints and muscles so that they are able to train more efficiently. In addition to this, do the exercises elasticity also helps improve your posture, which is very important if you want to go against a spouse incedendo with the class of a Princess. Making yoga is a relaxing exercise of elasticity, which means a minimum of effort, but it is very effective and you can try to use to achieve weight loss before the fateful Yes.