Best of 2009: 9700 The Best BlackBerry with The 8520 Close

After the time of the vote already you have the BlackBerry preferred by our readers who has been to the spectacular BlackBerry 9700 Bold2 in a hard-fought struggle with….The Curve 8520!!. It is curious how has polarized the fight between the two extremes of the range even if it has been the 8900 and we desfonda the Storm2 certainly penalized by a note of 1 which in this size of votes has heavy theirs, irrespective of this note would have been at the height of the others.

Finally the 9700 He received a note of 8.3, the 8520 one of 8.25, the 8900 It has been qualified with 8.2 and the Storm2 with a 6.9 by the aforementioned.

Interestingly, which has received the largest number of votes has been the Storm2 and if value “who has” and “who wants to” clear and far winners are the 8520 and the 9700.

What reading do all this? Well, he doesn’t have to be a very open and vote with a very small sample that is not open to much statistical analysis. But from our point of view has won the expectation of a very good machine, with good reviews, but very few will have in their hands, basically a massive way not yet available team. And forehead to it has been a team with much smaller benefits and that users have had a chance to try.

If our readers want more information of the winners they have our recent review of the Bold2 and the Curve 8520.

And as a supporter and user of the brand I like that it has not won by a landslide a much better performance than the second team, a much more limited equipment, but that it fulfills its mission of messaging device perfectly in every time and place.