Best of 2009: Best BlackBerry Candidates

Online published by other publishers, we present another entry of “the best of 2009…” and could not clear Miss Martin with their BlackBerries. We have therefore the fight at home, four candidates of the same brand.

We have already presented the candidates for best Windows Mobile, Symbian and its own operating system. RIM teams could enter in the latter but by their specificity we had category apart.

This gives an interesting view to find out if RIM He has successful with the touch option in the Storm2, reissue of his first attempt. Or if an entry level device such as 8520 our readers, always with the shade (which seems elongated) conquers of the newcomer 9700. And having do outsider? the balanced and reasonable 8900.

The vote can be done from the product pages which can be accessed from the links on the list of candidates.

The deadline for voting ends December 22 2009 at 23:59. That time will make an average between the note that each product has today, and which will be at the end of the voting. Which get the highest average score in each category wins. If there is no previous note decides the final note

  • “BlackBerry 8520”: Our site: part with a note of 8.0.
  • “BlackBerry 8900”: Our site: has not yet rating.
  • “BlackBerry Storm2”: Our site: part with a note of 6.0.
  • “BlackBerry 9700 Bold2”: Our site: it has no note of departure but it is the most desirable.

Thank you for your participation and to know what you like most to our readers. And I personally want to know if I have to change my image of the BlackBerry with the temptation of the tactile keyboard on the Storm2.