Best Selling Video Games In History

Since the first interactive electronic game (a simulator of missiles in a cathode-ray tube) was created in 1947, the score in video games more popular and sold in history has become a battle that a player wins at the same time.

Best Selling Video Games In History

Whether in the form of arcade, console, PC, or mobilemachines, video games have become popular since the early 70’s and have become a benchmark of the childhood of millions of people around the world, they continue even eating remakes already well into his adult life.

But, among all those parallel universes where hours of fun have developed between microchips, which are the best-selling history?

We offer the ranking in this game of million copies sold you below:

10 Duck Hunt

Who did not want to the light gun to work when the dog laughed you have failed in a duck hunting? At least 28 million users felt that frustration with Duck Hunt.

The game, which allowed the use of light or zapper gun accessory, was shoot a duck or discs, according to the chosen mode. Available for Nintendo , or in earlier versions, for arcade, reaches the tenth place of the count.

9. Wii Play

Perhaps because the free control involving or addictive mini games, the point is that this game ranks ninth with nearly 29 million copies sold. In 2006, the year of its release, its purpose (besides money) was educational: to familiarize the public with the control Wii Mote.

8 New Super Mario Bros

More than 20 years had passed since the brothers Mario and Luigi jumped, smashed a block with a question mark and became big with the fungus of success, so it was time to make some changes to one of the most famous games in the world.

New Super Mario Bros was launched in 2006. for the Nintendo DS, which includes a cocktail of scenarios, items and movements of Super Mario World and Super Mario 64. The mix became more than 29 million copies sold.

7 Tetris

His hypnotic Russian music and placing geometric shapes in order made this game, which was included with the purchase of the Game Boy console, became one of the best sellers, with over 30 million copies. Since then, there are versions of Tetris for personal computer, phone and tablet, which makes it one of the most popular video games of all time.

Also has an advantage: helps to train the logic and mental speed. Not bad for countering that that video games numb the brain.

6 Pokemon Red, Blue, Green

The handheld game have its highest representative in this list with this game, whose goal is to become the champion of Kanto, everything from an air angle.

The ease of the Gameboy to exchange information between consoles, as well as the multiplayer mode, allowed the emergence of different cartridges so that users could swap them. Thus, what started as a hobby of collecting insects of the Japanese game designer Satoshi Tajiri, became one of the best-selling history (31 million copies) games and all a machinery of series television and merchandising worldwide.

5 Wii Sports Resort

The continuation of Wii Sports is located in the fifth place with the addition of the Wii Motion Plus control, which allows players to move to perform actions in the game. In a home is sold as a standalone game, but then, like its predecessor, it was included in the Wii console. Combined in both terms of sale, it has reached 32 million homes.

4 Grand Theft Auto V

The fifth installment of the video game series about the adventures of a former bank robber becomes ranked number four, supported byPlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

With a rather complex plot, that is based on the pursuit of money (a theme decided by the developer of the game team before the financial crisis of 2008, a year in which the first installment was released), Grand Theft Auto V is also the most expensive game ever, with production costs estimated at 265 million dollars. However, as well as the plot revolves around the desire for money, so it happened in real life and have recovered quickly the investment: in the first 24 hours of its release, the game raised $ 800 million, making it, also, in the game that earned more money in less time in history. Sales have continued up to the 33 million copies.

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3 Mario Kart Wii

The Kingdom of Mario was extended over the years and diversified beyond the castles until the world of engines, which also took the first places.

With more than 34 million copies sold, this game of racing and adrenaline reaches the third step of the podium.

2. Super Mario Bros

In Donkey Kong, his participation was limited in the credits under the generic name of Jumpman (something like “Jumper”), but like all great stars, Mario started from the lowest to become the protagonist of the second best-selling video game of all time.

Super Mario Bros., game that came with the Nintendo, it was released in 1985, and more than 40 million copies sold later, already almost nobody remembers his humble beginnings as a plumber, when it was discovered by the fame in his mission to rescue a princess who was always “in another castle”.

1 Wii Sports

As a contradiction to those who argue that video games promote sedentary, Wii Sports stands with the first bestseller of the history.

The game, which comes along with the Wii console, includes five sports (tennis, baseball, boxing, bowling and golf), all of them in order to test the wireless capabilities that have made famous this console from the Nintendo company. More than 82 million sold copies seem to support a positive outcome in the eternal race to become the best-selling video game of all time.

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