Best Vintage Clothes

What do we mean by Vintage? Vintage is a term originally used to talk about vintages and wines. Is that in the years 90′ we started to use it in the field of fashion to designate the old clothing designed by big designers, then the word eventually be used for the oldest second-hand parts. It is a phenomenon of fashion launched by Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss that has grown in importance over the years. Brief for a trendy look, to mix a Vintage piece with a modern play for a guaranteed effect!

Know a little parts, eras and subjects to “buy” Vintage. Here are a few online you need to look at:

-Cut, the length and the shape of the collar: for example a “pie” neck, pointed and long is characteristic of the 1970s ‘.

-Patterns and colors: landscapes and powdered roses are most years 50′, the peas the years 60’, psychedelic drawings for the 1970s etc…

-The buttons, closures, pressures etc…

-Seams: recent clothing, in theory, have seams clean and precise. Old clothes are often made “hand” and so are less regular.

How to choose vintage clothing?

-It must look at the garment: does – he holes? Is it torn?

-See if the garment is stained: if present, there are two possibilities, or the task goes to the first wash or not!

-Check that the fabric is in good condition, by touching the garment you can evaluate the “wear” level of the latter.

-Check if the slide works and if it is missing or not buttons.

-Look at the label if there is one, you know the origin of the product.

Top 5 pieces of vintage used to acquire

1 / the shirt: for men and women, the shirt is a key element in a wardrobe. If, moreover, you find vintage, this is the piece that will change your look

2 / the cardigans: 1960s cardigans, the top of the chic combined with total elegance

3 / the scarf: since the end of the nineteenth century men and women use it, you can wear it in a conventional way, around the neck or more informally as a belt or in a Sling.

4 / hats: the borsalino for example, created in 1857 by Giuseppe Borsalino is the without a doubt the most sought after vintage piece.

5 / bags: leather lasts at the time, this why you can still find nice vintage, with cuts trend bags, male or female, to work or to get out, the bag is the accessory that lights up an outfit!