Bikers Jackets in Winter

Do you dare to exploit your ‘look’ more rock?

One of the most important aspects of a look undoubtedly lies in the selection of supplements. However, sometimes many of them are not accessories such as jewelry or special shoes, but one of the garments in question of outfit, which stands above the rest in a relevant way.

It is what happens with the bikers. These ‘leather jackets’ are a special ornament for a street styling most relaxed and casual, which today are trend, and without which you can not survive this winter. Above all, they appear with coverage in black, and almost all of them are adorned with studs or spikes, that will give that rock touch that characterizes them .


To get your biker does not go unnoticed in any of your looks, says the following outfits with which highlight:

  • With jeans, T – shirt or long sleeve sports sneakers, you get a style as casual, and all the attention will focus on your biker jacket.
  • With pantsskinny, blouse and heels will be an ornament that will not go unnoticed at any time or situation
  • If what you like is playing a unique mix of trends, dare to combine it with a dress style lady.Flight skirt contrast with the rocker about its tacks
  • Another game with a dress could be atight LBD. Bet for a lipstick in rouge and succeed in a night with friends