Bikini High Waist and Hot Pants: 90 Super Stylish Models

The vintage fashion came back with everything and also invaded the sands with high waist bikini or hot pants! Girls all over the world are after models like this, which are very stylish and are great for hiding unwanted grease.

Bikini high waist models:

The retro parts market is over heated with this new trend.Numerous models appeared from outside, but now the Brazilian factories have taken over the piece.

The models that resemble Pin-Ups beachwear are well-ordered and you can find them in every way possible.

Besides those that follow the line more vintage, there are those with a more modern modeling , that can please all the likes.

A tip for those who are going to buy a high waist bikini or hot pants for the first time is: prefer stores that give you a size for the top and one for the bottom.

That way you will not run the risk of getting a small bikini on the bottom and big on top and vice versa.


The dental floss models are still new in the market, so it will be difficult for you to find in any physical store or online.But they are there to bring more sensuality to the beach look!

The high waist denim models can be plain and patterned and for girls who want to ensure a pretty sensual Pin-Up look are great options.

This is a type of bikini that puts the silhouette more in evidence than the normal models.He usually hides only the belly, leaving the butt more exposed.

So if you want to hide the buttocks, it is best to avoid flossing.


The monochrome high waist bikini models are super easy to use and can match many beach outlets, for example.

They also tend to look good on all biotypes and because they have the highest panties, along with the smooth colors, help lengthen the silhouette.

Black bikinis are good friends with women.So with dark clothes, they help lower the hips and make the woman look thinner.

The top can be either fall down or with loops, no problem at all.

Flat models are easier to match if you buy spare parts. Then just abuse your creativity to merge pieces of different colors.

What was super high in the summer 2016 was the bikini with lateral strips . This detail came in several models, and the high waist revealed a tremendous charm!


The bikinis with high waist prints are the face of summer, do not you think?They are fun and are great for those who want to raise their hips when catching a sun.

Pointy bikinis (the famous polka dots) or stripes are reminiscent of old-fashioned models and are always the favorite of girls who follow a vintage style.

To complement the retro summer look you can choose accessories like hair bands, sunglasses and stylish beach bags.