Black And White: A Concept For Fashion Life?

When asked what a fashion classic is, often comes as an answer: my black-and-white outfit. Rightly so, because the contrast between the two actually non-colors black and white can hardly be imagined from the fashion world. And always up-to-date.Why this is so, this article tries to fathom.

Black-And-White? Always Go!

One of the greatest fashionable contrasts is that of black and white. Our eye perceives the actual light-dark contrast as a particularly clear thing – perhaps a reason why the concept black and white is so popular like the opinion of The combination of bright white and elegant black creates clear lines, of which there are, of course, few if one considers the world as a color game. Black and white next to one another create plasticity on a flat sheet of paper, the white appears optically, the black back. In fashion, it is also said that white is optically applied and black optically slender. Cleverly used, “shapes” black-and-white fashion so the body beneficial. In addition, one moves in the black and white fashion, the different reflection of light makes the contrast of black and white fabrics even more lively and exciting.

Black and white as a fashionable concept is always up-to-date, even if or just because the designers constantly try to recreate it.As white dresses are combined with black (black / s suit / costume with white / r shirt / blouse) or the parts are already composed of fabrics in both colors. This often results in striking graphic looks. Or knit with threads in both colors. Or simply print the contrast color. There are many possibilities of the fashionable combination of black and white.

Black-White Outfit

The clear lines of an outfit in black and white can be quite different: from purist to romantic . In the business, the contrast pair black and white is almost a sort of uniform that conveys seriousness. In the evening mode, she stands for glamor and elegance. In summer-light linen and cotton outfits, black-and-white is a casual thing, which ensures clear lines.

Black And White: How Materials Affect The Contrast

The light-dark contrast that the team offers black and white is a product of light that meets the appropriately colored garments.Depending on what they are, their material influences our perception of the contrast. A black smooth leather trousers, for example, throws back the light more than one of wool or linen. A black lace skirt, for example, lets exciting light plays like no other material. The contrast is sometimes softer, softer and the designers play all the keys of the literally black-and-white keyboard.

Basics In Black And White: Go With Fashion

And this always on new tried combination of black and white makes the theme at least fashionably considered timeless. If you buy basics in classic cut in black and white, you only have to buy a new trend piece to combine with fashion to keep pace with fashion. This can also be an accessory, a belt, a scarf or a bag.