Black Pants for Every Body Type

What do you think about the black pants?

Are they boring, old-fashioned piece of clothing or a modern classic line turns, which will never go out of fashion?

I read in the ancient times for some newspaper Nandu Bay a comment from the garment. If you should live the rest of life in the same town of Kaarina, clothing, what would they be? He replied that a black Cashmere Turtleneck and black straight pants.

I do like the black trousers, or even direct trousers! The job name is just the fact that they must be fully seated and high-quality cloth. Thus, when young, has become more and more important in clothes for the perfect fit. By the way the garment will hold and the onion. Experience unfortunately is.

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Perfect for sitting in the straight pants that highlight the best aspects and cover up the bad ones. Direct Varta parasite woman athlete looks great lords really wide pants, shapelier while slightly bootcut-shaped, a little higher pants. Lyhyempilahkeisten wear can be worn even if nahkatennarit. I  prefer interest rates: interest rates pants and it is something almost classical. Check it out by the way magnificent complex with wide pants!


I myself was long black pants during warmer weather hunting be discontinued. Went a couple of years, that my pants were the next whistle designs. Blue flared pants have, however, been so lovely that I wanted the others to the classical model in black. Let it complete before September, by chance, without finding a couple of winter. And tomorrow I can get them to finally bring home a sewers all of these Saints.

Black trousers as a source of the Yen’s style after a long time. How does seem to him looking on, that the simplicity of the dress is just so it. Nothing else is needed.

How do you styled black straight pants? Or are they kaapissanne quite well-well?


I confess: I love black dress pants. The real challenge is to find the perfect pair. Now I’ ve found them-true love at the very first fitting! They were absolutely worth waiting for. And Jennifer a. is always such an inspiration for me, her style is just pure simplicity with a certain Jen-twist.