BlackBerry 10: The New Multitasking Operating System

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins 10 as the first mobile operating system not saved with pithy words and called BlackBerry, allows for the true mobile computing. Say: With BlackBerry 10 it was finally able to get things done professionally, privately and in social networks. Without constantly press the home button of the Smartphones to and jump back and forth between apps. Or in other words: BlackBerry 10 to true multitasking possible make.

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Multitasking by thumb

Can android and ios so far not: At the keynote, the multitasking function was demonstrated impressively by blackberry 10. No matter how many apps are running: Via finger gesture, these are reduced in size and displayed as tiles on the touch screen. A finger tip is enough to one in another app to change.

Operating system blackberry 10

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Control center of the new operating system’s peek. All information converge in this message center: Email, SMS, twitter tweets, facebook messages, or chat messages are managed centrally here. A red light will flash during the work with the smartphone, this means that there are new messages available. Now, a wipe with your thumb is enough to call the message center from each app and check the messages. During the blackberry-10 presentation that was convincing by means of a youtube video demonstrates.

Blackberry balance

Blackberry smartphones were used mainly by businessmen. And who want to keep separate professional and private. This blackberry 10 provides the balance function: By finger wiper switch back and forth between a professional and your private start menu. Both desktops run it independently. It is even possible that professional surface through the company remote control to leave.

BBM blackberry messenger with video

Now finally also available with blackberry smartphones: Video telephony. You call other BBM users from the BBM out. As on facetime in ios or skype the image with the called party then appear and have the video chat can start.

Remember: Favorite memory

Interesting web sites, dates, or text passages: With remember you save easily everything in a data vault. It works kind of like bookmark services (pocket) or the virtual notebook in evernote. Remember is accessible from all apps; also create folders for storing clear is no problem dar.

Smartphone blackberry Z10

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Apple has the app store, android market. Blackberry is the shop where to buy apps and music there, blackberry world. To the launch of the new platform available around 70,000 apps to download, including bestsellers like angry birds, whatsapp or skype. In video and music, blackberry with all major entertainment companies could contracts complete.


Blackberry 10 made a really good impression at the keynote: Apps ran liquid, convinced the photo function, and above all, genuine innovations are the multi-tasking and blackberry peek. But whether that’s enough to reach the water apple and android?