BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch Is Seen on The Website of RIM

It seems that at RIM are already warming engines face to BlackBerry World 2011, which will begin next Tuesday in Orlando, Florida. Not in vain, the guys at BGR have captured the fleeting image of a BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch presented “nearly” officially through the main web site of Waterloo.

It is striking to see how the Canadian firm deliberately alters the words that form the name known until the time of the device, implying that perhaps the new Member of the Executive range of BlackBerry dispense completely with the nickname “Touch” in its final name.

Either incidental or deliberate, the so-called deliz could be understood as a kind of trial before the possible presentation of the terminal than in the mentioned event becoming, not only in the flagship of the multinational global, but in the only smartphone of the mark which could be finally unveiled at the biggest event that the firm organizes every year.

A total change of direction likely marked by the current situation of the market, which forcing RIM to rethink times output to the market of the range of smartphones planned for 2011, as well as to give a twist to your strategy at the level of software, precipitating the emergence of a renamed BlackBerry OS 7.