BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch, Only Smartphone to Be Presented by RIM in The BlackBerry World

Apparently, the Canadian multinational RIM has decided to take advantage of the BlackBerry World for the month of may for officially launching the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900, not sharing the role with other handsets such as the BlackBerry Touch (Monza/Monaco) and BlackBerry Curve Touch.

What could be a major disappointment to many fans of the brand, could be a last-minute change. While the BlackBerry World is the largest annual event held by RIM, the company could be thinking on carry out an exclusive launch event to bring to light new terminals that will complete its range of smartphones for 2011, as did HP in the past month of February.

On the other hand, the strategy of the manufacturer could have opted for temporarily give centre stage to his recently-released tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, which are pinning all their hopes face to not sit totally hook on the current landscape of mobility.

What is clear is that, while the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Touch is a great terminal unless it over the paper, the BlackBerry World this year may occur as one of the most soporific in terms of new releases, being great part of these referrals to the new face of software services to the corporate market as to the particular.