BlackBerry Could Be Cancel The Development of PlayBook 2 and Focus Your Efforts on a “Superphone” with QNX

What RIM intended to carry QNX, the operating system of the vaunted BlackBerry PlayBook, its smartphones is nothing new. But that in a new movement in desperation those of Waterloo have decided to cancel the development of a new tablet with 10 inch screen for focusing on their particular “ powerhouse ”, is something that has caught the foot changed and strangers. And all this despite the fact that the company confirmed officially that claim recognizing the existence of the first prototypes of BlackBerry with QNX.

It is easy to think that the latest financial results and forecasts downward for the rest of this year have precipitated the decision by a two-headed policy that seems to be giving clubs blind in order to get out of the impasse. To do so, it would be with a processor single-core 1.2 GHz and a 4.3 touch screen inches with a resolution of more than 900 points screen.

Admittedly, this processor is exactly the same as you’ll find in the guts of the still not released BlackBerry Bold 9900, moving the possibility of incorporating a similar characteristics and dual-core processor by high energy consumption. Although we fear that this may be due to the operating system itself, taking into consideration that QNX not designed originally for mobile environments.

On the other hand, we should question what would be the position of a mobile device of similar characteristics and as framing it in a more than crowded roadmap of terminals which we possibly have to go forgetting, putting in one position more than uncertain BlackBerry OS 7.

It is clear that Canadians have not spoken regarding this information, while It could be a mere distraction manoeuvre in order to avoid prying or little constructive criticism under the situation that the multinational crosses today.