BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Free Now Available

The most professional facet of RIM wants to be noticed in the market of the small and medium enterprises with the possibility of integrating free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express package, which now available for download.

This new service, aimed at all users already do service use BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service), provides some of the capabilities of monitoring and management that allows BlackBerry Enterprise Server the large corporations.

Presented during the Mobile World Congress last, although based on the core of version 5.0, it offers identical features and functionality that BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1, and can be downloaded from the website of RIM.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server provides a high level of integration with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise server to allow the secure wireless access from a terminal BlackBerry email, calendar and different applications of Internet and intranet based all of this on the push system. Limiting the free version to the exclusive integration of servers under Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Small Business Server.

The new tool is offered with a user license that can be expanded to a total of 15 users through the purchase of additional licenses. It also includes the standard programme of technical assistance of RIM for 60 days for free.

Despite its limitations, the new service may be of interest to the large park of small and medium-sized companies that exist in our country, assuming a considerable cost savings in comparison with the price to pay for a license of BES 5.0.