BlackBerry Monarch, The Future BlackBerry Storm Still in Phase of Development

The round of layoffs planned by RIM to try and level the bad financial results announced in recent weeks, as expected, have done no grace to those who, with one blow, have seen their names on a blacklist unwanted. Precisely one of these has been the architect of a leak of information according to which the successor of the BlackBerry Storm 2 would be developing under the name BlackBerry Monarch, While the commented nickname Volt could go to for the BlackBerry Torch 2 9850.

This Exchange denominations, definitive or not, of the various devices in the project, is not the most important data of the news. This post is it allow practical confirmation by the source of the new mobile device with touch screen It will continue to count against all odds with SurePress technology, or what is the same, the screen “ clickable ” which introduced the own range Storm and it seems it will continue to be the hallmark of this family of terminals.

Rivers of ink have poured into various media about the fate that would have been able to run the Storm range, to speculate on its possible demise. So much so, that it is possible that the device is at the expense of being adapted to BlackBerry OS 7 so those of Waterloo give the final go-ahead for his final appearance in the course of the month of September this year.

A fact that was perhaps the highlight of a terminal that, always according to the filtering of the information source, would be very similar to its predecessor model, both in appearance and technical specifications. This is not a fact that lift too much expectation to be considered object of desire against the BlackBerry Bold 9900 or other models projected for this year.

If this information goes from being a mere rumor, it would result in a move that RIM would like to definitely bury the name Storm in time and start again. Reason enough for a deliberate delay in the emergence of a new model. Unfortunately for Canadians, that name brings back memories of many users the bitter experience of those who hoped a strong competitor to Apple’s iPhone, presenting a first device with touch screen that would become a heavy paperweight with a software in diapers that he took no potential terminal hardware.