BlackBerry Presenter

Anyone who has attended a presentation or lecture will have had their time of entertainment while speakers connecting their laptops to projectors or copying presentations “armed” with your USB memory.

It seems that RIM, the manufacturer of BlackBerry you want to finish this with a so-called accessory BlackBerry Presenter that we are unable to qualify. It continues to be an ingenious idea but it seems too “niche”.

The approach is priori simple: via Bluetooth the BlackBerry It will connect with the accessory. At the same time the Presenter You can connect to projectors or displays via VGA or s-video connections. To start working is made from the BlackBerry Since the Presenter button serves only to turn it on or put it to sleep.

For now only works with files PowerPoint but it is planned that the future can project what you have in the screen of the phone. Resolutions and supported outputs are VGA, NTSC, and PAL in 640 × 480 (VGA), 800 × 600 (SVGA), or 1024 × 768 (XGA).

The system supports notes presenter and 24 types of animations and 55 transitions in formats PowerPoint 2003 and 2007. We can use the memory of the Presenter to include 100 slides and “freeze” the presentation projecting a slide and seeing another on the phone. And we can not use it if your operating system is less than the 4.6.

A gadget a “geek” so sure will not be cheap and therefore does not fill the top of the charts.