BlackBerry Slider, May 3 Storm Pictures

These images only legitimize somehow existing rumors about a new BlackBerry handset with vertical sliding keyboard which we already made eco days ago, which has earned him the nickname of “ Slider ” and Some are already running as a possible BlackBerry Storm 3.

However, the blurred image generated by the companions of BGR to illustrate the article wasn’t very misleading about what they show us the first real images, that this time you come to us from BBLeaks.

With the appearance that reminds a terminal similar to a Palm Pre for many, maintaining a screen very similar to the current BlackBerry Storm 2 dimensions, however are the first doubts on the fact whether it is a touchscreen interface.

What initially was pointed as the possibility more than safe, start by discard the SurePress technology touchscreen “ clickable ” that integrates the Storm range and that the own Mike Lazaridis, RIM CEO, makes a defense at all costs.

The replacement screen technology SurePress by a capacitive screen is not a new rumor, which already circulated all the gossip network shortly before the appearance of the BlackBerry Storm 2, which shares the buttons embedded in the screen itself, with the addition of the optical trackpad than that incorporate the latest models of the brand.

Some data that Yes are gaining strength are those relating to the maximum resolution of 480 × 360 pixels screen, a much slimmer chassis with a battery of greater autonomy and the possibility of integrating the BlackBerry OS 6.0, which would add widgets for the first time.

Under the code name of Talladega, or more Mr. colocialmente T, would have expected its official appearance in WES 2010 (Wireless Enterprise Symposium for BlackBerry Users) which will take place between the 27th to the 29th of April in Orlando, Florida. Until then, stay tuned to the waiting that not everything is in water of nowhere as it did with the BlackBerry Magnum/Dakota.

UPDATE: Add Gallery with new images that appeared in the last hours.

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