BlackBerry Torch 2, First Pictures of The New Hybrid of RIM

Although we have already had the first news about its existence few months ago, have already begun to circulate the first pictures of the BlackBerry Torch 2 showing a few finishes that bit, say nothing, they differ from its predecessor and even existing BlackBerry Torch 9800.

As it could not be otherwise, these photographs they contain the necessary noise in the image and make it difficult to reach the last of the details and thus trying to add some poaching to the Act itself be portrayed, while we can guess that it is not another thing than a simple posing.

However, must thank the possibility to take a first look at the evolution of the first hybrid from RIM, which It repeats all the ingredients that gave him success in its first model: large capacitive touch screen that only full QWERTY keyboard retractable hidden under it will be necessary in case of write extensive texts through the terminal. Not to mention having the privilege of brand new BlackBerry OS 6.0, which already has its days numbered.

The photographs expressed to the network only highlight the new rear metal device that contrasts with the rough surface of the first model. Although nothing for certain can tell at the moment, especially considering that was not even mentioned during the past BlackBerry World 2011.

However the authors of the images speak of an processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz, RAM memory 512 MB, Bluetooth 2.1, magnetometer and accelerometer, among others. In addition to the possibility of incorporating the new BlackBerry OS 7.0 whose first moving images also saw during yesterday’s.