BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 Retrasada and Renamed

Continue the leaks about the new model which Canada’s RIM was intended to introduce imminently. We speak in the past tense since the latest news in the wake of an email sent by someone belonging to the company claim that a shipment of units of BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 ready for sale in different stores in United States they have been returned to stores.

Innovations are not there, they in the same informal statement makes sure that RIM has decided to change the nickname given to the device, passing BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 to BlackBerry Bold 9650.

It’s selling points of the operator Verizon, which appears to be waiting that RIM released the update of the operating system BlackBerry OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Tour 9630 terminal to which assumed replaces the new model. On the other hand, the same source said that another U.S. carrier, Sprint is in this case, working to solve a series of problems with the Wi-Fi the new Terminal.

One possible explanation for this temporary withdrawal, is the to maintain a broad portfolio of terminals that cover different market segments, offering the BlackBerry Tour 9630 with the newest version of the operating system at a more economical price. Strategy which, on the other hand, an increase of 4% in the last year with sales of 35 million smartphones sold, keeping several of its models among the top positions on the North American market has provided to RIM.

On the other hand, the Canadian multinational cannot and should afford a failure as that was the marketing of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 ahead of the deadlines on the roadmap with the clear purpose of competing with other brands. Which meant a product with many bugs of software and the consequent discontent of thousands of users.

The new BlackBerry Tour 2 9650 or BlackBerry Bold 9650 has a size similar to the BlackBerry Tour 9630, replacing the traditional trackball with the trackpad that newer models incorporate and incorporating added new Wi-Fi connection and the same processor that integrates the BlackBerry Storm 2.

As it happened with the BlackBerry 9630 Tour, it was confined exclusively to the North American market, there is not any data confirming the potential arrival of the new model to the old continent officially.