BlackBerry with Touchscreen and QWERTY Sliding Keyboard

At the moment only it’s a rumor and it is no surprise that in these cases the manufacturer is not pronounced in any sense. Such is the case of Research In Motion (RIM) and a so-called new terminal that would be halfway between a BlackBerry Storm 2 and one of their traditional smartphones with QWERTY keyboard full.

Unlike in the photographic montage illustrating this article, the first news are running would be the keyboard arranged horizontally and would slip being hidden under the touch screen, which has only come to comment that it would have a maximum resolution of 480 x 360 pixels, leaving aside other considerations as SurePress technology using in its Storm range.

This device, which many have already wanted coining the key names of the so cacareadaos BlackBerry Magnum or Dakota, He would serve as spearhead for the presentation of a new range of terminals whose common denominator would be the operating system BlackBerry OS 6.0, which in the absence of details, said it has begun its phase of development.

A fact to believe that, prior to the arrival of this terminal course, many other rumors can jump to the fore in respect of new devices of the Canadian brand, especially a tenor that many users are waiting for the 5.2 version without an official release date.

However, if so, would not be bad wait a great qualitative leap with respect to previous ranges, which already is in season with support for connections Wi-Fi 802. 11n. In addition to the alleged exclusivity in the United States with the operator Verizon, what follows may be a network-compatible Terminal GSM, making it possible to their arrival in the European market.


As it says one of our readers in one of his comments, the American operator Verizon Wireless makes use of 3 G CDMA and no GSM networks as discussed in this article due to an error in transcription of the source article and claiming that Verizon will not have exclusivity on this terminal.