BlackBerry Z30: The Last Gasp Of The Fallen Giant

With the 5-inch Smartphone Z30, BlackBerry levers against the sinking.Unfortunately, the Smartphone is also only a BlackBerry Z10 in large.

This message must have made BlackBerrystaff like a punch – during the week, the Wall Street Journalreported that the company wants to cut 40% of by the end of the year. This means thousands of company claims 12,700 workers are soon on the road. BlackBerry did not confirm the number, but eloquently said: “there will be further organizational changes, to ensure that we have the right people to the right post, to bring about new opportunities in the mobile market.”

0.8% market share

Two years ago, 17,000 people at the Canadian company were employed, the German Managing Director of Thorsten Heins had to delete 5,000 positions last year alone. BlackBerry was once the business phone market leader and has the emergence of Apple iPhones and other smartphones hegemony lost, meanwhile the company plays only a small role in the market – in the United States for example, BlackBerrys come in the second quarter according to Nielsen, a market share of only 3%, in Germany only to 0.8% (giving ).

Two weeks ago, that was also Wall Street Journal of spoken in appealing to insiders that a sale of the company is imminent. Already in November, the deal across the stage to go. While the Chinese PC vendor Lenovo or several U.S. and Canadian companies could secure parts of the cake. It is also speculated that the hardware and software business will be sold separately.

Z30: More power, more battery, that it was

So very silently – and simply don’t want to go BlackBerry but apparently from the stage, should there be for sale. Previously, still a new flagship on the market, comes the BlackBerry Z30. Striking when you look at the features: soo much new compared to the BlackBerry Z10, which could not fully convincing critics does not exist.

So grows the SuperAMOLED screen on the 5 inch, the resolution remains at HD (1.280 x 720), which corresponds to a lower pixel density of 294 in ppi. Instead of a dual, there is now a Quad-Coreprocessor with 1.7 per core, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro from the previous year. The memory remains big 2, internal memory 16 GB (MicroSDXC extension up to 64 GB) and the camera takes 8-megapixel images and 1080 p video, the front camera of 2 MP images. Standards there as at the previous NFC, USB, Wi-Fi, LTE, HSPA + (42 MBit / s).

That needs so much power and display a larger battery, is clear, and here, BlackBerry can be also no slouch with a 2,880 mAh battery. This should suffice for talk times of up to 18 hours and mixed using persevere even up to 25 hours. New the next BlackBerry 10 version is namely 10.2, which should come with some new features such as “BlackBerry Natural Sound”, what should ensure for example for video calls that sound gives the impression, the opposite would be in the same room. The release on the Z10, the Q10 of BlackBerry and the BlackBerry Q5 to come mid-October.

Conclusion & release date

The next branch of the BB10 series on the market, which could be maybe even the last, if the rumors of the sale comes with the Z30. The rudder probably no longer can tear around the Z30, because real killer features it does not own Samsung Galaxy S4, to the square Hirschen, to be seriously dangerous HTC one or even the new Apple iPhone 5 S.

However showed already in the Z10, that the Smartphone from the critics was far more negative as rated by the users themselves, who knew very much appreciate especially the redesigned operating system with the large gesture control. Maybe Yes, the Trump of the Z30 could be, as long as not an insane price to startup is called. This and the exact market launch in Germany are not yet known but, in the next few weeks, United Kingdom and the Middle East are initially supplied.

We’ll keep you posted but, in the meantime you can get an ever of smartphones on this promo video: