Blu-Ray Player Pioneer BDP LX 08

Pioneer offers a really send design player with the BPD LX 08 (1000 Euro). Its inner values are taken from the LX 71, what promises quality. Phonosophy honors him even with a high end tuning.

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Currently, pioneer uses only two development bases for its Blu-ray player program, and they resemble each other. The Japanese were also pretty much the first who offered a real player of the series for the new high capacity discs from the House of Sony. This development advantage could hold the pioneers in particular in terms of picture and sound quality, are among their players but from the very beginning until today at its best, what has to offer this new medium.

Sure, some competitors are surpassed in terms of facilities, but high pioneer quite stubbornly blocking the fast lane. stereoplay seemed the design version of the “small” base model BDP LX 71 (test 10/08) so interesting, that the tester summoned the LX 08 (1000 Euro) in the listening room. More discreet than behind the mirrored, smooth front flap can be hardly packed the complex technology, and fits the look not only to the (unfortunately only limited available) flat screens from the House pioneer.

stereoplays Testers are not the only ones who are attracted to this machine, but the Hamburg-based specialists to Ingo Hansens Phonosophie offer a tuned version of it. This makes naturally curious, why has this player in the listening room.

In the first study and commissioning, the known base offers no surprises. As already almost become a habit, the tester once had both player with the latest firmware (1. 25a) update. Two more updates for photo playback and then to the DTS-HD decoding are already announced.

Setup and Screen are exemplary just as the possible connections with a separate, specially equipped 2-channel-plus real 7.1 analogue output. Synchronize-enabled (PQLS) can jitter free play CDs, what good does the musical River pioneer amplifier via HDMI socket in latest version.

At the latest when you close the elegant front door, LX 08 is completely calm, as also the fan need for the compact housing generates no audible noise. Smart pioneer has can be integrated a tool kit, with the running corrected picture and sound settings with “Tools” in the remote control.

In the listening room, there was also no abnormalities in the installation and handling, and the duel pioneer against Phonosophie could take place 11 and Sonics speakers by Yamaha Z. First, the analog stereo connections were able to show what they get out of CDs. Fast old and new test notes were similar in the comparisons with the 51 FD (3/09) and LX 71, where the level of rather which of the smaller 51 FD resembled – 48 points finely resolved Denon DVD 1800 BD (1/09) and the soft flowing musical pioneers.

Then came the hour of at least well twice as expensive Phonosophie player (2200 euros). In fact, he sounded different. The musicians were the Japanese was quite liquid and widely, according to the Hamburg-based tuning closer, less deeply staggered, but clearly outlined and sharper pictured in the space. The original sounded in the comparison somewhat complaisant, almost but not so tightly controlled deep bass with more something beautiful picturesque and warmer. In between were but no worlds, “Nuances” stood on the Notepad. It was enough however to a sound dots to win control.

In the multi channel via RCA output’s came to similar conclusion. No matter, whether with the Big Phat band “XXL” in Dolby Digital or “Legends of Jazz” in Dolby True HD, always another space and more fullness; managed the player of the series the modified player countered with crisper piano stops and more contrasts, but taller double bass, where the original voices further away, slightly more blurred, but more physically made from something silky and bass and wings. That would be more valuable and belongs in the realm of the taste for tuning maybe half a point.

Via HDMI, the testers noticed no significant difference sound even after extensive listening. Even more surprised they differed the copies in the picture. A look in the menus confirmed after first doubt that both subjects were identical, which confirmed test images. Nevertheless, once saw movement in the picture, the Phonosophie was just plastic, all deep and funny “wall-E” tangible. Here, the opposite as in the sound happened so.

Design not before performance goes the BDP LX 08, both supplemented splendidly. And who like the sound of crisp and wants to gain plasticity in the image, which should look at closer the Phonosphie.

Pioneer BDP LX 08

Manufacturer Pioneer
Price €1000.00
Rating 105.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 42.0 cm
Height 8.0 cm
Depth 35.6 cm
Weight 6.5 kg
Video digital HDMI (version) 1.3a
Max resolution of HDMI
Decoder Dolby True HD / DTS HD Master /
Decoder DD / DTS /
Remote control for TV / Adaptive /
Predefined picture settings / adjustable /
Memory card reader
USB /.
Ethernet for update / interactive content /
Headphone output / adjustable /
Playback memory
HDMI control
BD – time DVD / Blu-ray (in seconds) 23 / 42.0 s
Playback formats
MP3WMADivX / /
Analog output stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Playable disc.-formats
DVD + R / RW /
CD-R / RW /
BD-R / RE /
optical / HDMI /
Hosiden / 3-comp. /
Measured values
Signal to noise ratio (A weighted) 112 dB
Output resistance 437 ohm
Error correction ability info layer CD / DVD 2.9 / 2.1 mm
Error correction surface CD / DVD 3,04,5 mm
Power consumption standby / operating 0.4 / 22.9 W
Short conclusion Blu-ray player with outstanding performance in picture, analog and digital sound. JPEG – and DTS-HD decoding as an update announced. Model quick configuration and menu navigation. Great combination of discreet chic and quality.
Sound HDMI
(maximum 70 points)
Sound surround
(maximum 70 points)
Sound stereo
(max 70
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Picture Blu ray / DVD 16 / 9
Overall rating (max. 120 points) outstanding 105
Price-performance ratio Very good
tested in issue: 5 / 09