Brazilian Newspapers Request to Leave the Google News

The main Brazilian newspapers are out of Google News (Google News in Portuguese).All 154 members of the JNA, which account for 90% of newspaper circulation across the country, withdrew their news materials and news aggregator claiming that Google not paid for the distribution of content produced by third parties.

Copyright journalistic productions on the web were one of the main topics discussed during the 68th General of the Inter American Press Association meeting organized by the JNA (Brazilian Association of Newspapers). The controversy is driven by the output of the main Google News country’s media outlets.

Among the newspapers considered national associated with the JNA are Folha de São Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo, O Globo (from Rio de Janeiro) and Correio Brasiliense (GMT), and specialized in finance Econômico.

According to the papers, they went out platforms like Google “because they behave like home pages that use their work.” On the other hand, the web giant defends saying that makes the contents of those papers available for a larger number of people.

“You need someone to pay the bill and give the owners of the vehicles and authors a part of what it collects,” said German lawyer Felix Stang during the meeting. “But the two parties must work together. Not fight each other but cooperate, “he adds.

Marcel Leonardi, Google’s public policy director, said at the meeting that Google News takes “a billion clicks to news sites around the world,” and compared a possible charge of “a restaurant charge a taxi driver who took your customers to your door.”

However, in 2011 the JNA itself acknowledged that Google News had little impact on traffic of news sites. In an attempt to seek according to Brazilian newspapers, Google News has agreed to display only one line of materials, leading the reader to access the site that produced it.

“After a period of experience and given the fact that it reduced the influence of Google News on hearing the news sites, the Committee recommended the removal of newspapers associated Google News,” the report says.

Our site tried to contact the JNA and Google Brazil. We look forward answer.

Earlier today the British newspaper Guardian reported that the French press demand transfer of funds required by legislation. Google threatens to exclude newspapers sites from searches if the pass law.