Bright Starts Toy

On Sunday October 19 marks the day against Breast Cancer. For this reason, a group of bloggers have joined us today to talk about the importance of prevention, the need to make annual checks, especially mammograms at a certain age in our blogs. You will see that I am telling you my story on my blog of children’s fashion and childcare and I speak more of this initiative which was born from the hand of Bright Starts. This is a great American company of toys and childcare products that has a 100% pink called Pretty in Pink and, with the benefits of their sales, supports scientific research of breast cancer in the United States. The project has come to Spain from the hand of the dealer the Baby adventurer. In this post I show you all her pink toy and I invite you to participate in a draw for a lot of them (worth 200 euros).

As I said the line Pretty in Bright Starts pink has a wide range of pink items. In Spain, the aim is to donate part of the turnover of these products against breast cancer research. So you know if you can see these items in stores Pretty in pink not so think twice. You have from the beautiful gyms baby stuffed animals, early childhood books, rattles, recliners, rockers or swings, walkers. I leave photos in Aberdeensavings so you can see what beautiful the toy is.