Bundeswehr Mantle To The Fashionable Must-Have: The Parka

Perceived for the first time I got a parka to my big brother, who at that time was Bundeswehrler at the infantrymen in Mittenwald.

He had a green Bundeswehr parka and I found him just only mega cool (the brother of course).

In fashion there is nothing more now fortunately, what’s not unisex (recently, a man in the rock came to my high heels training) and also the parka has long found their way in our female wardrobe. But unfortunately not in mine, because good things timewise simply take time. Now, I’m lucky. Because a good friend has greatly decreased and left her almost unworn model to me (there’s a similar way, byAnna aura ))

Spontaneously, woman with a parka associated likely activities, such as tree-climbing, horse stealing, Boy Scouts – but hardly female princesses attributes. However read the glossy magazines, so the parka has evolved long ago to the versatile Jack-of-all-trades. Breaks in style – although they may initially unfamiliar feel – are in vogue.

And I think it’s quite wonderful, because as the favourite piece of clothing from the youth finds his adult raison d ‘ être.

The Parka-Combined Properly And Confidently Worn

Trust is so quiet and so combine the parka, as if it were a fine cashmere coat. The association with a summer dress is offered in the transitional period:

By the way, you get so equal to two trends. As khaki in conjunction with friendly berry fruit is also a great theme for spring/summer 2015. But as stalling jacket to a business look more represents a parka with no taboo, but is very contemporary and practical to do so.

Hug A Tree

Of course, he will not forget his roots and is pleased also about a “down-to-Earth and made use of”. Hug a tree yet again, close your eyes and think “give me power”. It’s incredibly good and it really gets a kick.

And if the parka has become then a bit dirty, then you can then simply plug it into the washing machine. Because the model Anna aura made of 100% cotton is machine washable.

By the way, the parka is long since not a character killer. The modern cuts are almost always provided with drawstring, which allow an individual waist trim based on aristmarketing. And for those who like more casual, just not rouses.

And never forget: what you wear out of conviction and with self-confidence, is provided by your viewer also out of the question!