Bury CC 9055

150 euros for a Bluetooth hands-free system with a large color display and touchscreen – this is a really tempting offer. In addition, the Bury CC 9055 has a touch-sensitive display.

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It is operated via the touchscreen. The operation works without problems, a slight finger pressure is enough to get to the desired menu point.

The Bury does not have a voice control on board, only the voice dialing of the mobile phone can be used. To do this however the voice tags on the HandyHier gehts to the purchase at Amazon only once.

The telephone is more comfortable: the CC 9055 delivered convincing performance in the test. In the fixed network it sounds consistently good; Only when both parties at the same time go, regulates the system in the fixed net mercilessly down. As a result, only one of the participants understands what has been said.

In urban traffic below 60 km / h, the CC 9055 was particularly popular with a very loud volume. If you are not driving around on the freeway, you will not get a problem even at high speeds: even above the 170 km / h limit the voices still sound sufficiently full and understandable from the speakers.

The sound can be improved with the following trick: In the menu of the CC 9055 the mobile phone DSP off and the device DSP turn on, and already it all sounds a bit satter.
Music please!

So that between the phone calls does not boredom, you can stream his music from the mobile phone via A2DP to his car system. The prerequisite is an autoradio with line-in; Not all phones support this Bluetooth profile.

If you would like to know whether your mobile phone is A2DP-enabled, you can check this on this website: Simply select “Bluetooth A2DP” and the mobile phone manufacturer in Detailfinder.

Data sheet

Electronics box (W x H x D in cm) 6.8 x 3.1 x 17.2
Mobile holder passive / charging /
Microphone / speaker Ext. /.
own telephone book (number of entries) 1000
Transfer phonebook from phone
Color display
to display SMS read / write /
own volume control
Lighting display / remote control /
automatic call acceptance
Radio mute
Voicemail (voice recorder)
Dictate number / name store (number) / 0
Select voice dial / name from phonebook /
Read SMS Virgo.
Read the telephone book entries
Helper / keyword detection /
Profile rSAP / handsfree / headset / /
SIM card reader / antenna /
Data interface Bluetooth
Universal micro input / audio output /
Relay / ISO connectors /
Optional: VDA connection


FACILITIES within 120 good (91)
Comes with 20 16
Comfort features 40 35
Voice control 15 5
Connectivity / compatibility max. 45 35
HANDLING maximum 180 good (146)
Operating 65 62
Installation 50 30
Voice control 20 12
Processing 45 42
TRANSFER up to 200 very good (170)
Sound fixed 80 67
Sound 80 car 71
Behaviour at high speed 40 32
JUDGMENT Max 500 407 well