Butterflies And Red Shoes

… two weaknesses that I can not resist!

I’ve always liked the red shoes , but does not have a large collection or much less. Isn’t that all red shoes that cross my path, like no, this is not the issue.

 Which I have fallen in love to an obsessive extent have been. They are a copy of the truth, the model original is the Jeffrey Campbell Foxy and although (100 euros) are not prohibitive because you know, I do not I can afford them. That Yes, the originals are immensely more attractive, they are closed from behind, higher, more platform, more heel… in short, the originals are precious! Since I fell in love with the shoes I was looking for options low cost like a madwoman, ones not convinced me, others were quite ugly, others were no low cost… Anyway, than half had aborted the mission when a day strolling with a friend saw them in a shop in A Coruña at 26 euros. Couldn’t believe me it! There were, and in several colors! But at that time not could catch them me so I left them for the next month with the hope that still remain my size and if it was red because at least some color… And so it was, at beginning of month I went to them and to my surprise they were…scooped! Well, the rebate wasn’t much, stayed on 24, but hey, that is appreciated, and the best? In red!

But if the shoes are beautiful and I fell in love… I fell more in love dress! I liked it from the first time I saw it, and although I resisted two months to ask for it, finally came with me. I lovethe butterflies and the multitude of colors that have love.You take thousand colors over by what can combine the dress with any tone, but as most of the dress is color nude is not shrill or cloying in sight… is perfect!

As you know, collaborated with AXPARIS, which has a wide range of dresses and t-shirts up to size 26 (size 56-58 Spanish) and in addition are now discount! But of course…Who know complies with rebates? As readers of The GORDITA presumed you will enjoy a 10% discount on your purchases by entering the code BLOG10 when you make your order! Is not great? Click on the image below and start as I love dresses and dream of hearts and butterflies!

Well, little more than count on my love at first sight with shoes and a with butterflies… Today my purchases are much more meditated before, I think much more in the utility that I’m going to give just options provided by me, use that I can get… So many things that I like are on the road and fail to be “the chosen one”, however, these, as well as love at first sight, have passed the screening!

I hope you enjoy it, I hope your comments.