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The story of tea dates back in the early days of mankind. At that time, mainly bowls and drinking cups were used. Plates with wells were, for example, only used in the middle ages in Europe and were initially restricted to the nobility. Today, not only the functional aspects dishes are taken into account, also the décor plays a crucial role. The matching service is an essential part of the table decorations and used according to the occasion. So a cozy coffee table is targeted, cheerfully patterned plates and cups for a festive dinner rather fine porcelain adorns the table and additionally underlines as the ambience.

The right dishes

Different products are offered with versatility. The range is of course a selection of dining rooms services in an elegant look with colorful patterns and playful ornaments by brand-name manufacturers. The high-quality products can be ideal to vote on the style and the establishment and make something very special to the table. In addition, the articles are composed also according to taste. So, a unique coffee table can be created with the creative mugs and cups. These articles in decorative packaging are also a great gift idea.

The portfolio also includes cookware that is designed according to seasons. The Christmas motifs give a cheerful character to the festive season. The program is complemented by beautifully designed products. This tableware made of glass combines classic and modern lines in a unique way. All articles are mostly suitable for use in microwave ovens and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The range is rounded off by practical table accessories such as spreaders, warmer and serving bowls. Now discover the wide variety of dishes here and thus experience a totally new sensation of the table!


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