Call Me Bold, but This Is His Best Collection

A good start with apotheosis end. This would be the headline that would give the parade of Davidelfin Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 that has presented this afternoon at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. And it is that if the parade began with a voice-over reminiscent of old American films (I love the early as well), the end has surprised all the present. A trio formed by Bimba Bosé, Alaska y Mario Vaquerizo. What you felt? Envy by those who lived it live. But it has not imported, I got up from my chair and I danced like that more.

Admittedly, the designer not just me convince with their proposals, to androgynes times, Today the thing has changed. From now on I will see it with totally different eyes and is that all their proposals have been loaded with femininity, originality and more bearable. A garment star? A black dress, long up to the ankles, as if in a biker jacket but with all the back to expose. Yes! I want it.

White and mustard, pair of ACEs

Dresses of straight lines in nuclear white and collars and cuffs in mustard. A combination that could pass for spring-summer, but that it offers us for the cold season. And I say ‘ quite ‘ Yes.


I am a lady and ‘ like ’ to any

Dressed in beige or black, above the knees and with tube skirts. I love them! And it’s that ladylike style permeates each of these garments.


Have you noticed in the shoes? Christian Louboutin signed them and they are a collaboration of Spanish designer. Love it!