Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter: Minimalism Lady Chic

Calvin Klein will always be equal to minimalism. But the minimalist fashion It has many aspects. And the proposal of Francisco Costa for the autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 is a simple but very feminine woman. Skirts become shorter over the knee, growing volumes, and dresses lady populate the collection. The wool and leather they mingle to create very refined lines and winter. Dark colors predominate but there is always place for POPs of color.

Fishing pants

There are not many pants in the collection of Calvin Klein but the few that there are they are shortened several centimeters. Costa It creates very elegant fish type trousers and always widths.


The leather is also the protagonist in the designs of Calvin Klein. It is found in jackets, pants or dresses. The leather is flexible and has much movement to be more chic.

Lady style

The spirit minimalist Lady He is the King of the night. Silhouettes with volume and very pronounced cleavage do not cease to be sensual in the simplicity of pattern design.

Dresses with transparencies

The vestidos of cloth combined with transparencies found me one of the better decisions by Costa. Dresses elegant very sexy for a current and modern woman. Special mention to the smooth and Golden belts It marked the waists of the models.

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