Calvin Klein Bold

The Calvin Klein Bold collection belongs to the famous underwear brand known in the whole world and that since its inception, has been able to reach their customers by offering avant-garde designs, innovation in the tissues, a perfect mold and maximum quality.

The signature Calvin Klein underwear boutiques can be found in many of the best cities and capitals of the world.
Collection of underwear Calvin Klein Bold is very well achieved, mainly notable for being extremely comfortable, they are designed in a classic but very young line and a unique fit according to

A cut is designed for comfort, with front seams inverted “V”-shaped, which gives it much dynamism and range of motion.
If we speak of your fabric if it were cotton stretch model as if we refer to the version made with micro-fiber polyester and spandex will be making reference to a very soft tissue thin and elastic which gives a perfect definition to the body.
Its seams are so flat that nor the notes and elastic waist sedificado adjusts with total smoothness, being also reinforced for longer life.

This wonderful brand leader once again shows us an unsurpassed collection, which combines quality and design so harmoniously as spectacular, which translates into models full of elegance, with a perfect and extremely comfortable fit that may be the cause for which who test them hard to abandon them.
The underwear calvin Klein Bold we have boxer or slip, in very bright colors such as red or lilac, CLAS as white and also in the Special Edition colors print.