Candy or trouble? You will find the best goodies this Halloween!

Follow, follow, all witches, vampires, goblins and trolls: We have a scary surprise for you! Read on, read on, little monster, so you’ll need to hear more about the exciting news we have cooked together in our witches pot all night. The consistency is starting to become a really good, thick and beautiful Halloween with a shocking content. Pot stands on the table – Halloween-the meal is served, and the party can just start! Continue reading! Candy or fuss!

Goodies for Halloween

Halloween deals

The date is March 31. October, and the atmosphere is top notch! Why? Of course, all favorite gadgets and accessories are now howling, good discounts of 15%. Throw yourself at cost shaft and fly off to our online shop, please select a product from our large range, enter code HW15 and Abracadabra! – you’ve just saved 15%!

The monsters under the bed asking us to remind you that this creepy, bargains only applies to products that cost under $ 1000, and which has not already been established. Also, keep an eye on the time-the offer lasts for 24 hours and will expire when the clock is turned 12, the night of January 1. November. Put a gremlin in the tank, plaster cost shaft and prepare before midnight – we are waiting for you.

Special offers

We have more good news: Halloween is actually just the beginning! Autumn is heavy and black, but good offer puts color in life. So it applies only to ensure that result with the right to get our amazing autumn and holiday deals.
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It was all our dear little monsters! Good luck with the hunt for candy. We hope to see you in our virtual shop walls, and would of course also welcome you in our shops in Copenhagen and Hillerod. Sweets is ready for you!