Canon PIXMA Printer with An Infrared Filter Against Compatible Ink Cartridges

The reasonable prices for many printers alone result in that it bought consumables revenue running the manufacturer hope. This Canon is no exception and here the in-house inventors came up with some particularly refined themselves, to prevent the use of compatible printer cartridges.

The sensor in the Canon printer

So, the volume indicator of the cartridges for the Canon PIXMA printer of the latest generation with LEDs on the patent number EP1547784B1 is protected. The printer is captured with a sensor, if the cartridge is a led switched off technical fault or by flashing a low level signals.

However, was succeeded in compatible cartridges producers sent to outwit the sensor that is hidden inside of the printer. This happened mostly with an infra-red chip. With 2011 models, Canon wants to prevent this. Specially a filter for infrared light was placed in front of the sensor. Affected models, which have been put on the market in 2011 are all Canon PIXMA . This includes also the model series MG5350 next to the iP4950 and the iX6550 and MG6250 as well as MX885. Characterised as a result, that separately replaceable ink cartridges are used for each color. Be retrofitted, the infrared filter in the model should Canon PIXMA iP4850 from 2010.

This is

Armor “Sparky” chip helps

The “Sparky” chip of armor to provide remedy now. Any patent hurdles are circumnavigates so that the printer Open the lid always LEDs. Canon’s patent involves just the flashing and switching to the error and level indicator. Printer lid closed sensor query can be outsmarted and this is just not mentioned patent. Currently, the “Sparky” chip in three generations is available and come to alternative cartridges still in December 2011 in trade.

The armor cartridges with new chip is there for all three generations of the Canon PIXMA cartridges:

  • CLI-8 and PGI-5BK
  • CLI-521 and PGI-520BK
  • PGI-525PGBK , CLI-526 and

Removing the infrared filter

From a distance of the infrared filter, which is always possible, is strongly discouraged, because manufacturers and dealers can reject any warranty claim otherwise.

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