Canton Reference 1.2 DC Test

With ceramic tweeter, Canton finally creates the jump on the high Mount Olympus. The new reference 1.2 DC for 20 000 euro can pads, but be really gentle – depending on the music.

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What is really high end? Ask five HiFi fans, and have at once five opinions. High end is if the system costs much, if only the finest materials are used, if the manufacturer is uncompromising, is made in small batches by hand or plain if it sounds stunning.

Which definition you like – also always choose the most Hi-Fi brands, which as price performance champions are known and who do their business with affordable speakers, will want to admit many instinctively no high end status. Canton is a notable exception: The Hesse dared to put their know-how in a gigantic big and own standards with 15,000 euros in 2005 also incredibly expensive box. Who smiled in the face of the missing images on this project, which taught Vento reference 1 DC quickly better.

Canton reference 1.2 DC: Construction

You could now see the reference 1.2 DC direct successor. The actual basic concept developer Frank Göbl changed nothing – your way! In both cases deceiving the driver array. Here is no d ‘ Apollito concept at work, but a individual midrange, who plays in the critical presence range up. The second cone appears gently above the fundamental tone.

This prevents unwanted effects of bundling and cancellations, increased but the level reserves, which in turn makes the low crossover frequency 150 Hz. Including the two take over gigantic-sized 12-incher with aluminium membrane in parallel. The material that is not by itself in terms of stiffness to the top, is strongly bent in the thermoforming process with three different angles. Comparable to a torsion-resistant and tough construction that effectively suppresses tumbling and partial coloration is a cleverly folded, durable cardboard box in combination with the dust protection Cap. Thanks to the multiple curved Wave beading and the voice coil overhang in a very strong magnetic field, the two racing cars create a stroke of 60 mm – linear and without significant distortion, of course.

Lots of deep bass need much volume. This rule applies not quite in the age of tricky concepts of active and high-performance power amplifiers in the conventional passive boxes construction, however, already. And so the flagship-Canton got bought a XXL enclosure class: rounded with for over 80 kilo heavy, layered up to 50 mm laminated side panels and wood strengths. Important here: The bass make steam in the own volume, the midrange and tweeter are hermetically separated them, not “from behind” to be exposed falsifying sound pressure waves.

Canton reference 1.2 DC: Material

Exotic Kevlar and chitin membrane materials are usually not Canton philosophy, you can sit there for years on proven aluminium. Except for one half: The properties of the ceramic, which almost enjoys cult status among HighEndern, convinced also Chief thinker Frank Göbl. Because this is nothing but basically the aluminium oxidized under controlled conditions, you can combine the advantages of both materials in the tweeter by only partially through its membrane anodize to mineral alumina. So, the lens improved altitude performance will be slightly rounder shaped and thus seeks in the omnidirectional. A uniform dispersion characteristics to help you also in the lower range, i.e. between 2500 and 6000 Hz, Canton uses a combination of sound management, grid and felt attachment.

The crossover looks complex, but mostly houses standard filter 2nd and 3rd order with minimal straighten limbs. The different plugs for mid-range speakers and tweeters in the transition range, the level depending on the space situation and taste something dosing can bring extra effort.

Canton reference 1.2 DC: hearing test

High end or not – vote the old Vento Reference 1 was definitely not all HighEnder happy. With her incredibly accurate, yes sometimes disarming and enlightenment nature she was even the one or another beautiful handset to scare. “Sounds more like HiFi as to high end” – I clicked once on this comment of a former colleague during a mass demonstration.

In this point – and only in this – the new 1.2 DC different really from its predecessor. If an entire orchestra in the FORTISSIMO breaks loose as the Czech Philharmonic in the first movement of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony (Neumann, Supraphon LP), then can you just awesome at the same time as precise Marvel as a speaker, so clearly and yet can sound at the ear comfortably. No Beautiful coloring, no loss of resolution, but no excessive demands of hearing, not the slightest pressure on same.

Thus, the Canton with classical music at a comparable level played as the superb KEF Reference 207/2, which although offered something better localization of the individual musicians and credible presented something with the space, Miss it but for timpani and double-basses to reprint left and sometimes over-meticulous with the resolution-technical limitations of this historic recording went to.

No Vertun were’s the fun factor: If Charlie Antonini Tana his skins with “Knock Out 2000”, the KEF shifted a few litres of air too little. The Canton, however, hammered a smile on the lips of the listener with an ansatzlosem punch and stunning precision with each beat. Their bottom octaves adapting almost gliding to the needs of the music: time lots fundamentally as in Stanley of Clarke’s “Justice’s Groove” (“Bassfire”, Zounds), sometimes slim precisely when Jamiroquai “Travelling Without Moving”. That the reference for such a span knows no restrictions with regard to the musical genres, is almost obvious.

Produced, hymn-like rock was allowed to be there it finally also something clean: Queens “Prophet’s song” DVD-audio “A night at the Opera” sounded typical of the times somewhat artificially, but absolutely consistent and with perfect balance of analysis and feeling.


The Canton philosophy for high end: solid material choice, most accurate development and as much effort as necessary. Down to Earth and little sounds like esoteric magic. All the better, because the result is the Hessian right: the Reference 1.2 DC not only gigantic great sounds and huge fun, but puts unbiased HighEnder also with fine and delicate shades into Rapture. You feel good, that you can put the topic boxes purchase of shelved after.

Canton reference 1.2 DC

Manufacturer Canton
Price €20000.00
Rating 104.0 points
Test procedure 1.0





Technical data and test results

General data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 42.0 x 143,0 x 58.5 cm
Weight 96.0
Color Piano lacquer in Cherry, black, silver, white
Technical characteristics
Bass principle Two-way bass reflex
Number of ways 3 1 / 2
Working principle of full Active
Connections BI-wiring
XLR connectors
Space adaptation Mid and treble level variable
Surround complementary.
Laboratory characteristics
Maximum volume upper value 111 dB
lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 27 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 23 Hz
Nominal impedance (audio) 3 ohm
Natural and fine drawing, clear and ludicrous dynamically with perfect timing
Evacuation has limits
Bass quality 105
Bass depth (bass Foundation) 100
Attention to detail (precision) 105
Dynamic 115
Maximum level (vitality) 100
Neutrality 105
Imaging 100
Spatial (airiness) 95
Processing outstanding
Sound judgment outstanding 104
tested in issue: 8 / 09